Preview window

Preview window

The Preview window appears when a call is made or received. It contains much of the information from the main Phone window but in a much more compact format and it disappears shortly after a call connects.

Contact information

Preview window contact

The telephone number and name of the other party.

Click on a contact record icon to open the contact record in the corresponding software.

Preview window contact record

Call control actions

Preview window call control actions    

Use these to interact with the call. Using some of these will display the main Phone window.

Like the Phone window, the actions at the bottom of the preview window adapt to the state of the call. The example picture shows the actions that are available when a connected call is in progress.

When a call is ringing, you can choose to answer the call by clicking the "Answer" button or deflecting it (transfer it without answering it) to another extension.

Answer icon    Deflect icon

Deflecting a call is done in a manner similar to transferring calls. If you are already on the phone and someone else calls you, then you can use deflect productively to move the call to a co-worker.

It is also common to use this screen to perform a transfer of the current call to another extension or user. To do this you must be connected to the call (as opposed to it being on hold or ringing). To transfer a call you do NOT press the Hold button - it has a different purpose (more about this later). Instead you either press the Consult button or the Transfer button.

Consult icon    Transfer icon    

You choose the button according to whether you want to speak to the other person (Consult) or not (Transfer).

You can also put calls on hold.

Hold icon 

Depending on your telephone system configuration, this means that the other person should hear music. When you are ready to talk to the caller again, use the Unhold button.

Unhold icon 

Remember, the Hold button is not for transferring calls. It is purely to pause the call. If you want to transfer a call that is on hold, then first you will have to take the call off hold first.

When you are done talking, click the Hangup button to terminate the call.

Hangup icon 

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