Interface settings

The Interface page allows you to change settings relating to the look and feel of the software, including actions that happen when calls take place.

Interface options

Sound selection button

Call Events sound options

The next section allows you to choose a sound to have your computer play when your phone is ringing and/or you have a call waiting. This can help you to uniquely identify that it is your phone that is ringing and not a co-worker's. Please note that only audio files in WAV format are supported.

You can also check the box to have your computer's sound automatically muted whenever a call is in progress, which is useful if you listen to music or Internet radio while you work, giving you a more professional appearance.

Enable clipboard dialing

Interface application load option

Each time you copy a valid telephone number a small bubble will appear that will ask you if you want to call that number.

Click the "Save" button to store any new/edited information or click the "Cancel" button to discard any new/edited information.

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