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Go Integrator CE is an extension for the Google Chrome browser providing a feature set similar to the Go Integrator desktop client. It is a lightweight, easy to install (and update) version of Go Integrator designed for users who predominantly work in a browser environment. It offers the same feature set and interface across PC, Mac and Chromebook (intel based) platforms. In summary:

It will work with Chrome on a PC, Mac or Chromebook.

It is available as a download from the Chrome Store.

Configuration parameters and branding settings are dynamically set using a customer specific 'Product code'.

• It will allow full control of the telephone handset from the user's Chrome browser.

It provides notification and control of calls inside or outside of the Browser.

It provides extension status (busy lamp field) of co-workers.

Other features include search and edit of BroadWorks directories and configuration of call settings.

It provides integration with a limited, but growing, range of CRMs and other applications.

It connects directly to a Broadworks XSP server and works independently of the standard desktop version of Go Integrator.

For a quick reference guide, please clickhere.

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