Configuration window

Serial number:Please enter the serial number you have been provided with here. If it is a valid license a white tick in a green circle will show.

The serial number can contain one or more licenses. If you are using the software in "Group" or "Enterprise" mode (Third-Party TAPI) multiple licenses will be consumed from the serial number as multiple extensions will be monitored. If you are using it in "Single user" mode (First-Party TAPI) only a single license will be consumed as only a single extension is monitored.

When configured in "Group" or "Enterprise" mode the available licenses will be consumed in the order in which the user extensions are downloaded from the Broadworks XSP server. If there are more extensions than licenses then it could be the case that the wrong extensions are monitored and there are no licenses remaining to monitor the required extensions. In this instance simply select the "Do not monitor" option against the extensions not requiring a license and the license will be unconsumed and available for use against another extension. Note: this is done from the "Extensions" tab and must be done extension by extension and not using the group edit methods available.

Also, when in single user mode, if the username is changed then the license will be reallocated from the previous to new user.

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